Welcome the no download slots

If you are an avid online slots player, you should welcome the no download slots. Remember the harrowing time you used to spend watching at the screen while waiting for your favorite slot game to download? It seems like an eternity would pass before you could start playing the penny slots. All this has changed due to the emergence of the no download slots. These games are programmed using the flash language and hence the file size of the same is extremely small. Add to this the fact that these games are server side based and you will understand the difference in speed. You should remember that your connection speed is not a vital factor while playing the slots game. However, the slow speed does affect the download of a game.

The no download slots have done away with downloading of games all together. If you are interested in playing such games, you just need to download and install the flash player on your PC. Once this is done, log on to your favorite online casino and select your favorite slot game. You will be amazed to see the game appear on the screen almost immediately. It might take a few seconds for the game to initialize over a slow speed connection, but it hardly takes more than a minute even on the slowest dial up connection. It is your duty to download and install flash and then enjoy your slot games on the no download slots sites.